Who we are

BWS Tech Inc. is the leader in helping companies earn regulatory approvals for IT, Telecom and Wireless products in Asia-Pacific countries. With over 25 years of compliance experience and over 5,000 certified products to our name,  we have gained the trust and respect of our Fortune 100 clients.

The regulatory compliance process in Asia-Pacific countries can be complex; without intimate knowledge of the culture and the regulatory process, companies can find themselves in a lot of paperwork and confusion. 

BWS Tech Inc. operates labs and local offices in each country we do business in. This allows us to have direct access to government agents that certify the products.

The result is a certificate of compliance in less than half the time it would normally take - and usually at less cost. If you're selling your products to Asia-Pacific countries you'll need a company that can streamline your regulatory approvals - Give BWS Tech Inc. a chance.

Asia-Pacific Regulatory Compliance Expertssm